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Not all fees are listed. Questions? Send us an email office@siuc.org.


Origination Fee


One-time nonrefundable and nontransferable fee for establishing a service account by location. Water & Sewer/Vacant Lot

Temporary Cut On/Off


Normal business hours




Availabilty Fees


Annual Water Availability Fee charged to owners of unimproved lot.



Annual Sewer Availability Fee charged to owners of unimproved lot.

Late Payment Fee


Fee for payments received after the due date.

Returned Payment Fee


Fee for returned checks or ACH bank drafts.

Notification Fee


Fee for notification of past due account prior to disconnection. 1st Notice fee.



Subsequent notices within a 12-month period.

Water Reconnect Fee


Fee for restoration of water service after termination due to nonpayment.

Sewer Reconnect Fee


Fee for restoration of sewer service after termination due to nonpayment when Elder valve previously installed.

Sewer Disconnection Fee


One-time flat fee charged for the installation of a wastewater Elder valve on a sewer only disconnection for nonpayment.

Security Deposit


Refundable deposit charged to accounts outside the Town of Seabrook Island OR within Town after disconnection for nonpayment.

Renter Deposit


Refundable deposit charged for renter accounts within Town of Seabrook.

Meter Replacement & Test Fee


Fee for testing and replacing a water meter at a customer’s request. If the meter is deemed defective, the fee is waived.

Revisit/Service Call Fee


Charged for requests to reread a meter or other return visit requests. Waived at SIUC error.