Black/Greenish/Orange/Rusty Colored Slime Mold Found in and/or on interior Plumbing Fixtures


No one likes to see mold in their homes, but there are two (2) reasons for its interior growth and occurrence in homes in the Southeast: the combination of naturally occurring airborne mold spores and the humid, moist subtropical climate.


Molds are living organisms. Just as all living things need water, so does mold. Mold can grow on almost any surface since it requires only dampness and a food source (water).


Your water is safe to drink. The mold that appears in or around faucets and fixtures are not found in the drinking water. Instead, it is caused by airborne mold spores that are naturally occurring in the moist, sub-tropical climate. Mold spores can enter a home through open doorways, windows, vents and heating and air-conditioning systems. Mold spores in the air outside can also attach to and be carried into the home on clothing, shoes, bags and pets.


It is not a water quality issue. Black/Greenish/Orange/Rusty colored mold, like other molds, will grow in moist areas such as, but not limited to, bathrooms, drain pipes, faucets, recent interior/exterior leaks and residual flood waters. Mold grows well on porous and non-porous areas including, but not limited to, countertops and tiling (floor and wall), cardboard, carpets, ceiling tiles, draperies and drywall, dust, fabrics, paints, upholstery, wallpaper and wood products.


Black/Greenish/Orange/Rusty colored mold that is found and/or observed in faucets may be growing in the aerator that is attached to the end of the faucet. Regular cleaning, by unscrewing the aerator from the faucet and cleaning it with a mild bleach solution is recommended. The free flowing or waterfall faucets do not have visible aerators. For those types of faucets, turn the faucet off, spray the mild bleach solution up inside the faucet spout, wait a few seconds and they turn the faucet on full force to expel the mild bleach solution.

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