Backflow Prevention Device and Annual Testing

What is a backflow prevention device? Backflow is the reversal of the normal flow of water. It's caused by pressure differences and can allow contaminants from an irrigation system, boiler, or other source to enter a home or building's plumbing system or the public water supply.

Backflow prevention devices protect plumbing systems and our public water supply by preventing backflow.

Why do I have to have my backflow prevention device tested annually?

Backflow prevention assemblies have internal seals, springs, and moving parts that are susceptible to wear and failure. Annual testing ensures they are functioning properly and protecting our public water system.

Do Backflow Testers work for the Seabrook Island Utility Commission?

No, they are independent private contractors (landscapers, plumbers, etc.) who are licensed with the State of South Carolina to perform installations, repair, replacement and testing.

How long do I have to have my backflow prevention device tested?

You have sixty (60) days from the date noted on the annual notice to have your device tested and the completed form returned to the Commission office.

What happens if I do not have my backflow prevention device tested?

Owners that fail to have their device tested and submit the completed passing form to the Commission office will have the water meter, which services their property removed until the testing is completed and the completed passing form has been submitted to our office.

What do I do with my backflow device if I no longer need it?

A certified tester will need to remove the device and cap off the pipe for irrigation/lawn sprinkler system or pool to prevent further use. The tester will also submit a completed test form noting the removal and capping has taken place.

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